Istanbul Aydın University Alumni Association (IAÜMED) was founded on 13 April 2007.It was established to keep the alumni and members of Istanbul Aydın University together and to maintain the alumni’s relations with their universities. It supports the alumni and members of Istanbul Aydın University community by keeping its alumni and members together with approximately 43,000 members and services.
  • Free DGS Course, for Associate Degrees,
  • ALES course for undergraduate and graduate students,
  • Discounts and privileges (10% – 50%) at nearly 400 companies in Turkey and around our university,
  • Online and classroom based training,
  • Career interviews with leading names in the industry
  • Part- and full-time job and placement opportunities with the expert team at Istanbul Aydin University Career Centre.
  • Free seminars, free training
  • Coaching and mentoring activities for students
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Alumni meetings,
  • Scholarship support for successful students in need,
It continues its activities and work by organising trainings, seminars and events for the personal and professional development of students and alumni