Support and Sponsorship

Istanbul Aydin University Alumni Association was established on 13 April 2007 to keep the alumni and members of Istanbul Aydın University together and to ensure that the alumni continue their relationship with the University It has around 42,000 members and services. It continues its activities to support all members of the community.Istanbul Aydın University organizes training and seminars for its students and alumni, provides services that add value to the personal and professional development of its members through social and cultural activities, and offers free scholarships to successful university students who need financial support.

We would be honored and happy to see your support for the enlightened generations of our future to receive education in better opportunities for you, the benevolent individuals and institutions that contribute to the solidarity of Istanbul Aydın University alumni and students. IAU MED’s financial resources and various volunteer supports are used to provide scholarships to students in need and to ensure the quality studies of our university.

Scholarship and Sponsorship Categories 

One of the most important objectives of Istanbul Aydın University Alumni Association is to provide free education scholarships to contribute to the education expenses of IAU students with limited financial means. You can give scholarships to all students at associate, undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level. Apart from these, you can create special purpose, sports or art scholarships, and immortalise your name or the name of our institution by supporting the construction of laboratories, lecture halls or workshops on the university campus.

You can give scholarships in your own name or in the name of your trademarks.

As a trademark you can increase social benefit and your trademark value by giving scholarships to students with the name of your brand. Contributing to the education of society and young people always has a positive impact on brand prestige and reliability.

By contributing to the education of at least 2 students with an individual donation, you can keep your name or the memories of a person of your choice alive in scholarships. You can support the enlightened generations of our future to receive education with better opportunities.

Official Sponsorship:

Individuals and organizations that support Istanbul Aydın University Alumni Association are included in this category. The names and logos of official sponsors are used in all events and publications of Istanbul Aydın University Alumni Association.

  • IAU MED Event posters

  • IAU MED Newsletter

  • IAU MED Journal (5,000 copies are printed twice a year and distributed free of charge)

  • IAU MED website

Event and Show Sponsorship:

Individuals and organisations in the Official Sponsorship category are the sponsors of events (training, seminars and talks, theatre, cinema, concerts, exhibitions). Their name and logo appear in all media related to the events (printed material, media, venue equipment, rollup visuals – social media visuals).

Laboratory, Amphitheatre, Workshop Sponsorship

Individuals and organisations that sponsor the construction of new or renovated laboratories, lecture theatres, offices or workshops can immortalise their name or corporate logo in the sponsored area by supporting the scientific studies of future generations of our country.

IAUMED Journal Sponsor

Istanbul Aydın University Alumni Association (İAÜMED) magazine is published every 6 months, 5,000 copies produced and sent to alumni free of charge.

The Benefits of Sponsorship

Institutions that support science, culture, art and education as part of their “corporate culture” on a long-term and conscious basis are referred to as socially responsible institutions. While sponsoring individuals and organisations create their identity, develop their brands or promote their products, they also contribute to raising consumer awareness and social quality.

Based on the fact that science, culture and art are one of the cornerstones for the development of a nation’s individuals and institutions, we invite you to support your future for a more enlightened, more conscious society that can protect its values and renew these values according to the time.

For support and sponsorship: 

Phone: 444 1 428 – 14951 

E -mail: [email protected]